• Your partner in sustainable development.

    Our earth has physical limits.
    That is why we build strategies, create value, improve ways of working always having limits to growth in mind.

  • Our business is

    to take care of your business.

    Why working with us?

    Performance, Croissance, Productivité, Excel, PowerPoint


    Do more with less

    Would you dream of reducing your impact on earth? Find the levers:

    #1: the right effort

    #2: in the right way

    #3: on the right thing

    Valeur, Profitabilité, Cash, Argent, Bénéfices


    Boost your profitability

    What do you customer value the most? Understand what they really need:

    #1: better

    #2: new

    #3 : more

    Temps, Taches annexes, Bureautique, Pas assez de temps, Excel, Administratif


    Stay focus on your core activity

    What are you really good at? Stay focus on your core activity and let us deal with the rest. We will help you on your time consuming/low value creation tasks go from "Unconscious Incompetence" to "Unconscious Competence".


    Appart if you want to organise a Climate Collage inside your company. In that case you can buy it now online;


    "The Climate Fresk is an innovative, participatory and accessible approach to understand the scientific basis of climate change. This exchange of knowledge is a key first step for everyone to choose how to act effectively, in line with the issues at stake."

    Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Co Chair IPCC Working Group 1

  • We help take your business

    to the next level.

    After years working for Start-Ups and Multinational Companies I have decided to share all what I learnt to help others to grow. My mantra is and will always be :
    "The more we share the more we grow".

    Therefore, would it be for beeing more responsible regarding our planet or helping your team being more efficient we will be on your side.


    On our level we are also engaged. So far we have planted 222 trees which account for 1.3T of CO2*. We do not see these trees as rights to spend 1.3T of CO2 extra but a way to help our Forrest growing again.



  • They trusted us!

    From CAC 40 companies to Start-UP & SME


    Intrapreneur Coaching

    We coached two of their Start-Up CEO going from their idea to a proper Start-Up:


    Data Vizualisation

    We worked with one of their entity to develop some advanced Excel datavisualisation tools. Trying not to us any VBA to deliver easy to use and maintain tools.


    Senior Consultant

    We helped them developed a program aimed to help CAC 40 companies be more innovative. Going through manager coaching, intrapreneurship etc.

    GFA, AGP, DataVisualisation, KPIs, Analyse Client, Base de données, Pricing

    AGP - GFA France

    Business & Data Intelligence

    We designed and created their sales dashboard. Allowing them to save time, have more visibility, have a better pricing strategy, increase their buy power etc.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. The more we share the more we grow!

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    +33 six 21 49 78 79 - +45 31 76 15 24